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The company adheres to the "people-oriented" talent development concept, pays attention to talent cultivation, encourages innovative spirit, continuously cultivates and cultivates talents, and excavates and unleashes human intelligence. Full of passion, striving hard, and doing valuable things. The company shares benefits, values, and dreams with everyone, achieving the common development of employees and the enterprise.



Personnel Training


The company creates a good working environment and a healthy and upward corporate culture for employees, allowing every employee to feel cohesion and a sense of belonging. The company strives to provide employees with competitive salary levels and benefits, striving for a win-win situation between the interests of the enterprise and employees. Join us and create a better future. We sincerely welcome you to join our company.


Address: No. 155 Guangming Street, Fuxi Street, Deqing County, Zhejiang Province

Contact person: Miss Tang

Tel:13706824925 (same as WeChat)

Email: info@gigelectronic.com



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